Miss USSR 2016

Rules and conditions for participating in Miss USSR 2016.

Miss USSR 2016 is open for girls over 18 years of age and staying in countries that were earlier part of USSR (Soviet Union).

Winner will be selected through public voting that will start on the website missussr.com after close of registration.

A voter can vote only for a single contestant out of all the participants. To ensure a fair competition we will allow only a single vote per ip address(or per machine).

Photograph submitted with registration should not be older than a month. Participants should look for their best photograph that will fetch them maximum number of public votes.

Contestants will be charged a one time non refundable registration fee of $10 and winner will be paid a cash prize of three times the total number of contestants registered. For example, if there are 1000 contestants registered for 2016 contest then winner will be paid a cash prize of $3000 .

Second best contestant will be paid a cash prize of double the number of contestants registered for 2016 contest(i.e. $2000 in case there are 1000 registrations) whereas third best contestant will get a cash prize equal to the number of registrations for 2016 contest(i.e. $1000 in case there are 1000 registrations).

All contestants will get a portfolio webpage absolutely free for one year to promote their modelling career.

We reserve right to disallow a contestant to participate at any stage of the contest. Registration fee will not be refunded in case a contestant is disqualified because of any reason.

By registering for Miss USSR 2016 you allow us to display your photographs on our website.

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